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Welcome to our brand new website designed to showcase
homes for sale by owner and by agent.

We decided to make an affordable way for sellers to show their homes online. We know that many homeowners have tight budgets and every dollar saved is important. Once you list your property with us, potential buyers can view the inside, outside and the statistics of your beautiful home.

One customer of ours had said: "To allow a potential home buyer into our home via your website is priceless. It cuts down the amount of wear and tear on our carpet and floors so that the family who will actually buy our home, gets it in better condition. Also, I don't have to take as much time off of work either."


When you sign up with us, your house will have it's own page on this website. Your page will have a unique number assigned to it. You can use that number on your 'for sale' signs and fliers to inform prospective buyers as to where to see your home via the internet.

We have many additional products and services which include:

  • An affordable Photography Service

  • Virtual Tours

  • Flier Distribution Service

  • Custom Yard Signs

Please call 847-571-3567 (9:00am to 8:00pm Monday-Saturday) and ask for David

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